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“I knew nothing when I got started” – Mark Zuckerberg ?


Video Transcript:

I knew nothing when I got started.

I was 19 years old when I started Facebook.

Probably like the same age or younger than most of you guys.

Interviewer: I think you would be young for this audience actually.

I knew nothing, nothing about business at all.

So many things go wrong when you’re starting a company.

Often, I think people ask what mistakes should you avoid making.

My answer to that question is, don’t even bother trying to avoid mistakes because you’re going to make tons of mistakes.

The important thing is actually learning quickly from whatever mistakes you make and not giving up.

There are things every single year of Facebook’s existence that could have killed us or made it so that it just seemed like moving forward and making a lot of progress just seem intractable, but you bounce back and you learn.

Nothing is impossible, you just have to keep running through the walls.