Meta Rolls Out New Search Tool To Track Branded Content Campaigns

Image source: Search Engine Land

Meta has introduced a new search tool for monitoring sponsored content projects.

The “Search Branded Content” tool is included in the Ads Library and allows users to filter the database by platform, date range (currently only the previous seven days are available), and username.

From here, you’ll gain a better understanding of your competitors’ plans, including information about their strategy, creator-business partnerships, and campaign frequency.

Why do we care? Gaining insights into the influencers with whom your competitors interact and staying up to date on competing initiatives might provide important inspiration. This information can have an impact on your brand’s relationship decisions.

This is how it works. Lindsey Gamble, a social media expert, tweeted a screenshot of the new search tool on X (previously known as Twitter):

When the influencer filter is used, the tool displays an overview of their active campaigns and brand collaborations. Users can, on the other hand, choose to filter results by brand, displaying the influencers affiliated with their current campaigns.

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