Key COVID-19 Traffic Surges + 5 Quick PPC Schemes

The Microsoft Advertising Analytics and Insights team have pivoted to providing industry level updates and insights.

While some industries have never taken such massive hits (-90% reduction in traffic in travel, for example), others are experiencing massive surges in searches and traffic due to closed retail stores.

Travel – is down

Continues to be one of the most challenging industries during the pandemic. -90% reduction in traffic. Consider regional and local targeting once shelter-in-place bans begin to lift.

Retail – experiencing a surge

There has been a 36% increase in searches around hair dyes and colouring and a 118% increase in clicks.

Simultaneously, the personal grooming category has seen a 79% increase in searches and a 146% increase in clicks.

Automotive – pause in sales but purchase interest remains

“Near me” queries up 22%, “Affordable” up 85% and “Leasing” up 51%

Health and Wellness – a surge in queries related to over the counter products

Hand sanitizers, masks and disinfectants alongside symptoms, vaccines and treatments dominate the health and wellness industry. “However, only 3% of the new unique queries included specific references to coronavirus or COVID-19”

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The people have spoken… they still need some fun!

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The earth may have clicked pause but everyone’s online!

Now more than ever…

With sporting and live events cancelled (no sports betting!), the global economy all but shut down (nobody wants to invest in forex or crypto right now!), and unemployment reaching alarming rates, people are looking for new channels for both entertainment and money-making – and they have found it in online gaming!

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NetoPartners’ brands have had a dramatic increase in new player sign ups across all media channels since the global lockdown and their affiliates are even reporting a surge of conversions from players who previously showed little interest in online gaming.

On average across all campaigns (Facebook, PPC, UAC, SEO, etc.), NetoPartners’ brands showed an increase of over 400+% since Europe went indoors! With record daily peaks of over 1023% in leads and FTDs!

…. And it hasn’t slowed down!

Conversions are climbing every day!

The NetoPartners team is pushing forward during this crisis and has stayed fully available to its affiliates around the clock, with support (digitally, of course) and hot marketing materials to help them convert with confidence! To get more details about their plans, click here.

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Does Your Biotype Mean You Can “short-circuit” Your Brain? In Short, Yes, But it Also Means You Can Solve Your Issues


Figuring out which biotype (different ways negative stresses express themselves) can help you understand your brain better.

And, in turn, better cope with stressful situations…such as the pandemic.

Here are the 6 main biotypes plus their most associated thoughts, emotions and behaviours:

1) Rumination – Negative thoughts from your inner voice and repeated worrying. Stop watching so many worrying news and focus on factual pieces of information.

2) Threat response
 – Feelings of shakiness, being easily startled, associated with PTSD, anxiety etc. Avoid worrying news or panicky family members (if you can). Focus on normal routines that create stability.

3) Emotional Numbness/Anhedonia – Unable to take pleasure in activities that typically bring you joy and give you purpose. Find more channels of stimulation to engage your brain (music, smells, pictures). Recognizing emotional numbness is the first step.

4) Anxious Avoidance – Situations that cause anxiety can have a physical expression such as chest tightness, sweaty palms or palpitations. These situations further make you avoid a situation – choosing text messages over phone calls is one example. Choose phone calls and keep that vital human connection alive.

5) Inattention – Difficulty concentrating or staying focused, where even basic functions can become hard to complete. Solution? Break down your tasks and take it all step by step.

6) Cognitive fog – Brain feels foggy rather than sharp. Give your brain some time to rest and catch up because it’s tired from having its capacity for flexible thinking pushed, especially lately.

FEATURED STM THREAD: Are You a Newbie Wanting to Start in Adult?

You’re not alone! Adult traffic is still a very popular starting point for many new affiliates. The reasons are quite clear… the traffic is available in large volumes, prices are still reasonable, it’s very affiliate friendly and not that much regulated so it’s not a ban hell.

That’s why we see adult related threads started on the forum all the time. And they usually turn into great ones, loaded with relevant info from both the mods and other forum members. Just like the one that is linked below this article.

A fresh new affiliate started a simple introduction thread, that usually ends after a few replies, but this one turned out different 🙂 It’s two pages long now, containing info about GEO selection, bidding and even some tips on hosting.

Want to dabble into adult too? Check out the thread, or just start your own and enjoy all the help you will get from the community. Many adult verticals keep on performing well during the pandemic lockdown, so now’s the right time to give it a try.

>> Preview the thread here <<

Stay tuned for the next edition of MRKTRS WKLY.

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