[📺VIDEO] Exclusive 1-on-1 Interview with Timotej Gracner

Our boys over at Affiliate World deliver a treat:

Conversations With a Marketer: The Timotej Gracner Tapes

A look inside the mind of notorious STM affiliate and ecommerce entrepreneur Timotej Gracner, in an exclusive one-on-one interview with AWC’s Chad Wilton.

Find out:

🎥 Why the police raided his home when he was 16
🎥 How working on infomercials sharpened his sales skills
🎥 His turbulent journey to becoming a full-time affiliate
🎥 The power of joint ventures
🎥 His transition from affiliate marketing to ecommerce
🎥 How he revolutionised an outdated industry
🎥 Unearthing the product that nobody else could copy
🎥 Plus: the affiliate hacks to dominate D2C and scaling with retailers

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[SPONSORED] CPA vs CPL for Gamblin’ Offers? Place Yer Bets ‘Cause You’d Be Shocked

We all know that pushing CPL offers is not only deliciously profitable but (for the most part) quite easy too.

Well, shiver me whiskers, but have ye thought about the downsides of pushing leads, especially so gamblin’ leads?

  • For one, you’d see your affiliate manager pinging you in a rush, telling you to pause traffic ASAP if your leads have a poor conversion rate and are not backing out for the advertiser.
  • For two, you’re either not getting paid or you’ll have to switch GEOs ASAP, or bounce off the offer. I.e. Traffic control sucks and can last up to 30 days.
  • For three, your lead quality may be affected by delayed post-click conversions. Yeah, that one’s a pain.

The Shockeroo – CPA/CPS offers can actually get tasty

  • Ye don’t have to worry about “lead quality”. A sale is a sale.
  • The advertiser can’t tell you your traffic isn’t converting, because it’s bringing in paper.
  • Lifetime cookies mean you can get benjamins coming in even after a year.

Oh, and by the way, our friends over at Leadbit Gambling are basically the go-to experts when it comes to gamblin’ offers (it’s in the name!).

The best part?

They go into great detail showing you how to push this $70 offer and get cuh-razy conversion rates. (Down to creatives, targeting, and bidding)

Basically, go check this piece to get a detailed big picture and see how these offers should be pushed and thank me later.

We wouldn’t be telling you about any of this if we didn’t know these guys.
Leadbit Gambling is one of the leading CPA networks with a team of professionals that has a unique strategy and their own apps for offers.

Be sure to ping these guys and tell them STM sent you – they’d be happy to provide further insights and help you out.

Enjoy fantastically converting offers here

Leadbit GAMBLING is all about:

  • Their own apps
  • Being able to work with high bids
  • Individual payment terms
  • Exclusive offers and MULTI GEO
  • Bonuses for CPA tools
  • Advanced analytics
  • Leadbit Store with valuable prizes


Leadbit Gambling is waiting for you!


Contact Leadbit Here:
Telegram: @leadbit_manager
Skype: live:account17.leadbit

Thank you!

We all know that pushing CPL offers is not only deliciously profitable but (for the most part) quite easy too.

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SHOWERTHOUGHTS – “3:00am feels a lot more like the middle of the night than 12:00am” / u/XManBoss6
Source: Reddit

Want customer loyalty during the lockdown? Double down on empathy and understanding

Now, more than ever it is vital to build better relationships with your customers if you want your business to stay afloat.

You really need to “[double down] on connecting with your customers through exceptional customer service”.

Here’s your MRKTRs summary:

  • More courtesy
  • More understanding
  • More empathy
  • Be more anticipatory in answering the questions that haven’t been asked, and fulfilling needs that haven’t been voiced.
  • Spend a little more time listening on the phone
  • Be more flexible in using channels of intercation
  • More thorough in your correspondence
  • More thoughtful when engaging with upset customers

There’s no better time than now to build customer loyalty – you can do that by showing your loyalty to your customers.

>> Read the full piece here and double down on those key customer support approaches <<

FEATURED STM THREAD: The $1 Guide Is Now Live On STM 🙂

Looking to start in AM but you have literally NO experience at all? Fear no more 🙂 Couple months ago, Amy (vortex) has put together a simple-to-follow guide for the very freshest of them noobs. We used to sell it for 1 dollar, hence the name of the guide.

Why did we do that? Well, the goal of the guide was to teach newbies how to make their 1st dollar online, so we thought it would be a nice twist to sell it for a buck too 🙂

The guide was quite a success and now we have a separate section on the forum, where those who start with it discuss their progress and ask for support… there are like 80 threads in it already!

But why am I mentioning it now? Well, with this Covid situation, more and more people are looking for ways to work from home, where they’re stuck anyways. So to help the fresh newbies who’re joining our forum, we decided to post the $1 guide on the forum in full so that anyone can follow it.

The guide is split into 6 threads, including an introduction and also a bonus module. Want to make your first $$$ online? Check the guide and make it happen!

>> Preview the thread here <<

Stay tuned for the next edition of MRKTRS WKLY.

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