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Safari to Ignore New HTTPS Certs Older Than 13 Months

Later this year, Safari will no longer accept HTTPS certificates that expire more than 13 months from their creation date.

In other words, if your certificate has been issued on or after that date with the term over 398 days will be distrusted in Apple products.

Newbie tip: Don’t know what HTTPS is?

Simple! HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure ) is a combination of HTTP + SSL/TLS. Which means that HTTPS is basically a connection that delivers the data securely using SSL/TLS. SSL is a secure protocol that works on top of HTTP to provide security.

TSL = Transport Layer Security (Wiki)
SSL = Secure Sockets Layer (Wiki)

Back to the main piece.

The aim of this sudden move is to ensure devs use certs with the latest cryptographic standards and to reduce the number of old certificates that could potentially be stolen and re-used for phishing and drive-by-malware attacks.

Short-lived certificates will ensure people migrate to more secure certs within about a year.

By increasing the frequency, site and business owners’ lives are about to get a tad bit more complicated, it has been noted.


“Their spokesperson said it was to ‘protect users.’ We know from prior CA/B Forum discussions that longer certificate lifetimes proved to be challenging in replacing certificates, in the case of a major security incident. Apple clearly wants to avoid an ecosystem that cannot quickly respond to major certificate-related threats.”

“Short-lived certificates improve security because they reduce the window of exposure if a TLS certificate is compromised. They also help remediate normal operational churn within organizations by ensuring yearly updates to identity such as company names, addresses and active domains. As with any improvement, shortening of lifetimes should be balanced against the hardship required of certificate users to implement these changes.”

Let’s Encrypt issues free HTTPS certificates that expire after 90 days, and provides tools to automate renewals.

Github? 2 year certificates.

>> Go read the full piece here and keep a closer eye on your certs from now on <<

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The 8 Best Industries to Start a Business in 2020

Based on Inc.’s 2020 Best Industries report, aspiring entrepreneurs may want to dip their toes in the following industries:

(we’ll only list 3 or 4 – you’ll have to read the full piece yourself because nobody likes a huge newsletter)

Clean Water Services

Investment in U.S. companies addressing declining water quality has grown 25 percent to $50.7 million in the past five years, according to data and research company PitchBook.

The water crisis in Flint has raised awareness about the harmful effects of contaminants making it an important issue for consumers and enterprises in the US.

Your competition? Oh just Bill Gates’ $1B Breakthrough Energy Ventures-backed $2,000 solar panel called “Zero Mass Water” that draws water out of thin air.

Gender-Neutral Personal Care

No more “beauty” for women and “grooming” for men. Younger consumer audiences now tend to favour products that don’t target a particular gender.

Healthier Junk Foods

Healthy diets are all the rage but Americans still fancy chips and cookies. Health-concious consumers are seeking out better-for-you version of their favourite snacks.

Pet Wearables

Health and wellness monitoring except for pets. It’s a young industry with a low barrier to entry. See Whistle and FitBark.

“U.S. pet care spending in 2018 reached a record high of $72.6 billion, according to the American Pet Products Association.”

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FEATURED STM THREAD: $100k Contest On STM??? Hell Yeah Baby!

So we have a new contest on STM, it’s starting today actually! And the prizes are nothing short of amazing… the qualifying participants can take home as much as $100,000 USD in prizes.

Who’s behind this, you might ask?

This contest is organized by Fluent Inc., a performance marketing network which happens to be particularly strong in the sweeps and rewards offers verticals. And it all comes down to these 2 verticals… in order to qualify for the draw, you need to send leads to their sweeps and rewards offers. And it all comes down to these 2 verticals… in order to qualify for the draw, you need to send leads to their sweeps and rewards offers.

When there is so much money involved, certain rules are to be expected, of course. And this contest is no exception. The prizes are divided into several tiers, the higher the tier, the higher the prize.

Bigger part of the rewards is reserved for existing affiliates, who manage to drive up their revenue volumes. But fear not, even new affiliates can participate and take home a hefty sum. And even if you don’t win, you might still benefit from their high converting offers.

All the details, prize tiers and other requirements are specified in the STM thread that’s linked below:

>> Preview the thread here <<

Stay tuned for the next edition of MRKTRS WKLY.

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