🕰️ Marketing Predictions for 2020 by 13 Experts

2020 is bound to be the year of humanized marketing.

Consumers demand REAL answers, not fake photoshoots – proof that their favourite people are ‘walking the walk’.

Behind the scenes, contextual, all-access humanized marketing are going to dominate.

Here’s a taste of 13 marketing experts’ predictions for 2020:

Rachel Pedersen

 TiTok’s picking up speed with their unpolished, impromptu UGC content.
Going live anywhere and showing the chaos of everyday life.
Podcasts recorded in real-life scenarios – ”Allow your audience to FEEL your life…”
Drop Photoshop and show your imperfections.
– Video – except it should be contextualized video, show what’s going on behind the scenes.
Tell the truth, in detail.

Georgia Mountford, GEMO Creative

– If your ideal client asked Siri for exactly what you offer they better be able to find it!
– To stay ahead of the curve you should look into hiring an accessibility expert because you want to ensure people can consume your marketing the way the want to.

Christa Nichols, Christa Nichols Messaging

– A good offer is no longer enough. You need to know WHO you’re marketing to – study your audiences hard.

Tereza Toledo, Tereza Toledo Social

Pinterest! 97% of the top searches are unbranded and 68% of Pinterest users discovered new brands while using it – Pinterest isn’t a social media platform but a visual search engine!

Kelly Sturtevant, Blue Page Social Inc

– Just a reminder that Facebook ads are still strong and cold audiences still work!

Crissy Conner, The Visibility Queen

Reply to every comment and be sure to leave a heartfelt response.

Mary Pendleton, Mary Pendleton Social

2020 is the year of conversation – things haven’t changed. People want to be a part of the conversation now more than ever.

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🌎 24 Top Places to Visit in 2020 [Plus Data]

Two dozen great spots to visit this year. Among them places so far-flung you may have never even considered.

Kyrgyzstan, archaeological ruins deep in Guatemala, the landscapes of Lombok, Indonesia and others

Let’s go! Here are the top 5 according to MRKTRS:

1) Montenegro

Move over, Croatia. This tiny Balkan nation has become the new jewel of the Adriatic with old villages, aristocratic mansions and fancy activities.

When to go?

October – warm enough weather for swimming plus great deals.

When not to go?

Summer, July and August – too many crowds.

2) Northern Italy

While Sicily and Puglia are still trendy, in 2020 it’s time to head north. Start in Milan – the owners of Galleria Vik 89 rooms are adorned with fancy, contemporary art and one of the world’s best chefs, Massimo Bottura, and his wife, Lara have done the same at their 12-room country estate near Modena.

When to go?

April, May and June – great weather for hiking. Plus Fall is a second best.

When not to go?

Much of the region shuts down for vacation in August.

3) Kyrgyzstan

Nomadic villages, picturesque mosques and Brutalist architecture – thanks to Steppes Travel it’s no longer a logistical nightmare to visit all at once.

Suite yurts along the mystical shores of Song Kol Lake and helicopter services to see one of the country’s huge mountains.

When to go?

May through September also June to August – it’s when the nomads are most active and when the National Horse Games and falconry festivals take place.

When not to go?

November through March – winters are harsh.

4) Jamaica

Jamaica expects extra buzz after the April release of No Time to Die, Daniel Craig’s latest Bond movie which was filmed partially in Port Antonio.

Geejam Hotel now includes a sea-facing infinity pool, a stage for live music and 12 “studio” rooms.

When to go?

In May, you’ll get the best of sunshine and seclusion. Same for November through December. If you want more culture plan around the Soca and Bacchanal celebrations in April.

When not to go?

Careful of hurricanes – they stretch from June to Early November with August and October containing the greatest risks.

4) Guatemala

Newly accessible Mayan sites which took 20 years to excavate, such as Holmul, are now available to all Indiana Joneses.

On private tours with Big Five Tours & Expeditions, you can even meet the archaeologists currently at work.

When to go?

All of dry season’s great – especially mid-October through early November.

When not to go?

Rainy season – May through early October – dangerous landslides.

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[FEATURED STM THREAD] Not Exactly a Newbie Follow-Along: The road to $100k/month with WH Facebook Ads

This week on STM we got a nice surprise in the form of a not-too-shabby follow along.

One lurker decided to hop out of the shadowy depths of STM and bring us all a delicious suprise – a follow along with the goal of bringing in at least $100k/month.

The catch?

It’s already profitable and about ⅓ of the way there!

@tombo27 decided he no longer wanted to keep pulling his hairs with agency clients and took the plunge.

Whitehat, clean leadgen currently doing consistent $30k-ish a month, with the highest day already being $3,333 (near the desired goal).

@tombo27 promised weekly updates plus he’s replying back to members with various questions – such as domains used, trackers and every other nitty gritty detail.

>> Preview the thread here <<

Stay tuned for the next edition of MRKTRS WKLY.

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