😈 How Big G Gently Nudges Search Results to Their Liking

A long-time Slashdot reader, dubbed walterbyrd, shared a report on “arguably the most powerful lines of computer code in the global economy” – Google’s algorithms handle 3.8 million queries every minute.

However, although Google claims its algorithms are ‘objective and autonomous’, the Wall Street Journal reports Google “has increasingly re-engineered and interfered with search results to a far greater degree than the company and its executives have acknowledged”

Over 100 interviews and the Journal’s very own research and testing of Google’ssearch results reveal the following:

– Google’s algorithms favour big businesses over small ones and in (at least) one case made changes on behalf of eBay.

– Behind-the-scenes adjustments done by Google engineers to other information being layered on top of its search results.

– Despite publically denying, Google keeps blacklists and removes certain sites or prevents others from surfacing in search results.

– Google employs thousands of low-paid contractors who assess the quality of their algorithms’ rankings. The evaluations are then used to tweak algorithms.

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[SPONSORED] Looking For an Evergreen Vertical to Promote? Dating It Is!


Been in the Affiliate Marketing game for a while? You know the industry shifts rapidly – what worked yesterday may not work today.

But some verticals just last forever, they’re called “EVERGREENS” and DATING is one of them!

People can spare a new iPhone, they can live without a solar installation or the new best app for their phone… but who doesn’t want someone by their side?

But this doesn’t mean it’s easy to profit with dating offers!

Let’s hear it from STM’s dating expert Matuloo: “Trying to make it in dating, using the same offers that every affiliate network rebrokers? Good luck! You may as well start throwing money out the window. Dating is one of those verticals where offer means everything, find them or you’re toast. Working directly with the advertiser is the only way at times.

The good news: there are some solid direct advertisers in dating, that have been around since like… forever. VIPOffers for example are in the TOP league.

  • Founded in 1996 (was there even internet back then?)
  • $2 billion in commissions paid to affiliates (yes, billion)
  • 1000s of offer variations available (goodbye saturation)
  • Street payouts start at $3 per SOI lead even on mobile (bumps possible)
  • New Landing pages added all the time! Check a sample HERE 🙂

Are you a baller who can drive volume? They’ll even make banners or LPs for you and if that’s not enough, ask for a custom offer and you shall be served.

EN markets can be tough, but to be honest, that’s where the party is at. Master US and UK and you can play Santa next Christmas! VIPOffers can help you along the way, cause they know these markets the best.

And a special bonus: Tired of PPL dating offers? VIPOffers is one of the few dating advertisers that also offer the “CC submit option” … in more than 100 GEOs!

Conquer the world in 2020 with VIPOffers!

🍿 Netflix for Affiliates: Making a Marketer


These videos are just the beginning.

We have curated some of most-viewed speeches from the Affiliate World stage that are littered with golden nuggets you can apply to your campaigns right away.

Check out the “Making a Marketer” playlist and level up your marketing skills.

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One Startup’s Sneaky Ultra Targeted Ad Netted Them a Meeting with an Investor

Talk about clever ad angles.

Here’s how it started.

Product Hunt’s founder, Ryan Hoover, was Googling around for Mark Suster in order to grab an intro for one of his portfolio companies when he saw a clever ad by Tadabase., an enterprise startup offers no-code tools to help businesses automate their processes.

The ad mentioned:

“Mark Suster, you haven’t invested in nocode”

“Therefore, we put this ad here to get your attention. If you’re not Mark, please don’t click here and save us some money.”

Guess what happened?

Mark loved the ad and has already scheduled a call with the startup!

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FEATURED STM THREAD: Business Opportunities In The Post-Corona Era…

The novel coronavirus has left the world speechless… a large part of us are in quarantine, working from home and wondering about the future. Economic crisis or a large scale recession are pretty much inevitable and will become the new reality pretty soon.

But, every crisis or emergency comes to an end, sooner or later. And this emergency won’t be any different. The forecasts differ from one expert to the next, but one day, this will be just a story of the past that we will talk about.

Every major downfall is usually followed by a period or rapid growth and those who are prepared for it, will benefit the most. This specific situation is guaranteed to send a few shockwaves through every industry out there… some opportunities will be gone, but new ones will arise too. The show must go on, so to speak.

So what should you do next? What would the new business opportunities be once this situation is over? Let’s chime in and share your opinion in a thread that we have going on the forum. Every option is welcome!

Stay safe!

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