Bangkok, Thailand

Going to AWA19? STM Hosting Affiliate Block Party!

Suffers from serious FOMO and haven’t booked your flights to Bangkok, you might want to look away.

STM is hosting the biggest networking event at Affiliate World Asia… Affiliate Block Party.

We are taking over Night One at the Lotus Garden of Centara Grand (an elevator ride away from the conf) and inviting 2,000+ affiliate and ecommerce marketers to join us in a more personal and chilled setting.

But it’s not all chill. There will be plenty of madness unfolding at the epic Beer Pong Tournament where the winner is crowned with a briefcase full of cash. Start choosing your teammates wisely.

Then the night will step it up a notch as one of Bangkok’s top DJs takes over the decks.

You won’t want to miss this.

Let us know you’re attending on the Event page now!

Affiliate Block Party

P.S. There’s a few VIP Cabana’s available for you & your crew for the Baller experience – more details here.

>> Feast your eyes with the full list and see what else is in store! <<

Ecom People Shouldn’t Make These 5 Common Chatbot Mistakes

80% of businesses are projected to have chatbot software by 2020.

Here’s a quick rundown of the 5 common chatbot mistakes from Hackernoon:

1) Lying about being a bot – Add “bot” to your bot’s name so your customers aren’t getting it confused for a real person. 34% of shoppers actually prefer to answer questions from a chatbot. Don’t mislead your customers or your conversions may drop.

2) Not matching your brand’s voice – I.e. If you have a fun and casual brand make sure your bot’s the same. Add some slang. Make your customers feel comfortable by making your bot familiar.

3) Lacking a clear strategy – Ask your team the follow and brainstorm: Is the bot meant to boost sales/drive conversions? Offer customer/technical support? Is it meant to help customers shop and provide upsells? Hone in on one specific goal and make sure it’s done right instead of building an expert in everything.

4) Not testing your chatbot eough – Test your bot before releasing it. Find a few beta testers and iron out any kinks. A broken bot can do more harm than good.

5) Making your bot pushy –  A pushy bot may get it banned – users can report bot behaviour. A simple prompt saying “Need Help?” can go a long way.

>> Chatbots are projected to save $8 billion in costs by 2022, better check the full piece now <<


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SHOWERTHOUGHTS “One day there will be a generation of senior citizens that regularly use the term “bruh”.” / u/MileHighScrub

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Trackers are among the most discussed topics on the STM Forum. No wonder though, there is no optimization possible without proper tracking. Voluum used to dominate the market for a few years, but plenty of competitors emerged during the past year or two.

Now there is binom, redtrack, funnelflux, adbsridge … but how about something less known for once? Couple days ago, a long-time STMer “nickpeplow” started a thread about a less known tracker named BeMob.

Several members chimed in to share their experience with this tracker and this opportunity didn’t get unnoticed by reps from other trackers, who jumped in to offer their products … in exchange for some heat 🙂 Another day in AM, right? A bit of drama never hurts 🙂

>> Preview the thread here <<