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Elon Musk + Joe Rogan + Microphone + bottle of whisky ( x a cheeky spliff) = 2 and-a-half hours of audio goodness.

If you’re that way inclined. 

If AI, cyborgs, neural-link technology, flamethrowers, spaceship engineering and electric car chat is right up your alley, you’re in for a treat. 

There was plenty of deep and interesting discussions into what makes Musk tick, his childhood, sustainability and his concerns over AI.

Here’s nine quick-fire takeaways from Musk’s podcast with Rogan:

  • He’s actually anti-AI. And has called heavily for regulation. Musk tried warning the government. “This was futile. I tried for years. Nobody listened.”
  • Buuutt…if you can’t beat it. Join it. We’re already cyborgs. Smartphones are already an extension of our body. The only problem is bandwidth: enter Neuralink.
  • Musk is generally optimistic. He’d rather be optimistic and wrong than pessimistic and right.
  • He laughs like a villain – literally pronounces his laugh “ha ha ha”.
  • Musk doesn’t take life too seriously. The Tesla X will dance to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Atari games are coming soon. He makes and sells flamethrowers as part of an ongoing Twitter joke. Plus he digs massive holes for a laff (oh wait, that’s a legit company now too right?
  • He’s constantly thinking of ideas. All the time. Too much, even. His mind doesn’t stop ticking. Productivity is his meditation.
  • Musk knows he’s strange. And at the age of 5, he was concerned by the way his mind worked.
  • He wants to make things that people love. That are useful. But most importantly that gives people real joy. Which is rare and difficult.
  • Musk is extremely driven to make us multi-planetary species. Mars should be the New Jamaica. 

We don’t know about you, but we’re fizzing for Neuralink’s “interesting” announcement in the coming months. Anyone want to an A.I. extension of yourself? 

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