FB Makes You Invisible to Facial Recognition?

Facebook AI Research creates a machine learning system that de-identifies individuals in video.

The AI maps a slightly distorted version on a person’s face and doesn’t need to be retrained for each video.

“Recent world events concerning the advances in, and abuse of face recognition technology invoke the need to understand methods that successfully deal with de-identification. Our contribution is the only one suitable for video, including live video, and presents quality that far surpasses the literature methods.”

They have no plan to apply the tech to “any part of the Facebook family of apps at this time”.

Facebook’s wish to be a leader in the area could rise from controversy around its platforms being used to spread misinformation plus their own applications of facial recognition tech.

Facebook is also battling a $35 billion facial recognition lawsuit for violating the “Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act” – that’s $5,000 for each knowing violation, or about 7 million FB users in Illinois.

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How to Build Profitable Campaigns Using 1 Tip: Target a Less-Competitive Geo

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We at AdCombo have put together a complete package of EVERYTHING you need to run profitable campaigns!


-1 amazing geo

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Let’s start!

So What IS This Secret Geo?

[drumroll please…] It’s…Thailand!

On many paid traffic networks, competition has risen, traffic costs have soared…

Thailand is a gem of a geo with great potential.

Competition is not as fierce and traffic is relatively cheap compared to many other geos (e.g. compared to the US, TH traffic costs 1/4 to 1/10th of the price, AND usually converts better too!)

Combine this traffic with offers that convert and you’re golden.

Best Offers to Run and Where to Run Them

To maximize profits you need scalability.

To achieve scalability you need offers that will interest the general population.

And Health & Beauty products fit that bill perfectly.

Below are our top 10 best-converting Thai COD offers – some of them are very recent. Test them ASAP before everyone jumps in to saturate the market!

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(P.S. We’ll tell you which traffic networks other affiliates are running them on too!)

(P.P.S. We’ll also give you the best prelanding -> landing combos on AdСombo, to save you money on split-testing!)

#1 – [15821] Black Latte

Type: Diet drink

Where to Run: FB, Native (MGID, AdNow, Outbrain), Push (DaoPush, PropellerAds, RichPush, AdsTerra, MegaPush)

Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [42036] -> [41753]

Why It’s Great: Thai food is tasty and beach season there lasts forever!

#2 – [19766] Black Latte Zero

Category: Diet drink

Where to Run: FB, Native (MGID, AdNow, Outbrain), Push (DaoPush, PropellerAds, RichPush, AdsTerra, MegaPush)

Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [61436] -> [61438]

Why It’s Great: [same as above]

#3 – [6466] Intoxic

Type: Bad breath treatment

Where to Run: FB, Native (MGID, AdNow, Adskeeper), Push (MGID, PropellerAds, DatsPush, DaoPush)

Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [22477] -> [11607]

Why It’s Great: As high as 65% of Thai people may have bad breath (according to! Help them get rid of it!

#4 – [17783] Detoyic

Type: Parasite-removal

Where to Run: FB, Native, Push

Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [49078] -> [49077]

Why It’s Great: Bad breath can be the first sign that a person may have parasites! So run Intoxic to build an audience, then retarget and sell Detoyic – match made in heaven!

#5 – [11243] Smoke Out

Type: Stop smoking spray

Where to Run: FB, Push (AdsTerra), Native (Outbrain, Taboola, AdNow, RevContent)

Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [26056 -> 25496]

Why It’s Great: Did you know that 35.8% of the Thai population smokes (according to It’s bad for health, and smoking where it’s prohibited can result in hefty fines and even jail terms!

#6 – [11924] Night Comfort

Type: Stop snoring spray

Where to Run: FB, Native (Outbrain, Taboola, MGID, AdNow,

Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [31044 -> 27087]

Why It’s Great: More than 1/4 of the Thai population are habitual snorers (according to! (Tip: Overweight and smoking can both contribute to snoring, so retarget those custom audiences from your weight loss and smoke-cessation campaigns!)

#7 – [17544] PUELLA Cup

Type: Menstrual cup

Where to Run: FB

Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [49496 -> 51013]

Why It’s Great: White-hat ecommerce product that doesn’t require cloaking to run! (Tip: Target women under 50 y/o, before menopause begins) This cup lasts 5 years and more than pays for itself in the amount of tampons/pads saved.

#8 – [1303] Goji Cream

Type: Revitalizing cream

Where to Run: FB, Native (MGID, Taboola, AdNow)

Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [47593 -> 42643]

Why It’s Great: Removes wrinkles and moisturizes skin at the same time – the answer to all women’s prayers!

#9 – [18311] Tiny Mask

Type: Face mask

Where to Run: FB, Native (Taboola)

Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [51075 -> 51080]

Why It’s Great: Helps women look younger, and who wouldn’t want that? There’s half of the entire population for you to scale to!

#10 – [6146] Atlant Gel

Type: Male enhancement gel

Where to Run: Native (Adskeeper), Adult (Exoclick)

Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [38058 -> 19071]

Why It’s Great: The average size of Thai men is only 4 inches (according to! Think of the scalability!

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That’s all we have for you today! Soon there will be even more special offers for Thailand and other Asian destinations – so Stay Tuned!


The Best Country for Social Entrepreneurs in 2019

Short answer: Canada

Slightly longer answer:

  1. Canada
  2. Australia
  3. France
  4. Belgium
  5. Singapore
  6. Denmark
  7. Netherlands
  8. Finland
  9. Indonesia
  10. Chile

12 metrics detail what it’s like to operate a social enterprise in the top 43 nations.

The total score was given based on insights from the country’s social, financial and governmental support for entrepreneurs wanting to do good.

Most improved nation? Australia, climbing 24 spots to reach #2. Great place, if you’re not afraid of spiders.

The US dropped from 1 to 32.

This year’s biggest surprise is Pakistan, leaping from #32 to #14 this year.

The best country for female leaders is Canada, followed by Australia and Belgium.

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Bidding for clicks or impressions, what’s better for PUSH traffic? One of the more recent members of the STM Forum switched from CPC to CPM but the results have not been that awesome, to say the least.

Lower CTR on the ads, lower CVR … a once profitable campaign started to lose money. Not exactly the outcome he hoped for 🙁 What went wrong? Matuloo jumps in to explain the bidding mechanism and how to battle these results.

Several other forum members started to share their opinions, some think it’s not a good idea at all, some believe there are benefits to CPM bidding… see for yourself.

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