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It’s all gooo! MRKTRS are taking over Barcelona for Affiliate World Europe next week. Are you ready?

We’ve got a special sumthin’ sumthin’ for you – so be sure to stop by the STM booth.

There’s a lot going down throughout the week, so check out this epic roundup from iAmAttila, listing all the parties, events and masterminds going down at the #1 internet marketing conference in Europe.

There’s 18 events in total (not including the main two day event!) so choose wisely.

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Don’t want to miss out on the official events?  

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Billionaire Stripe co-founder Patrick Collison has laid down some insightful advice for young budding entrepreneurs who often email asking for general advice. Something he can confidently offer after becoming a tech millionaire in his teens, then building a billion dollar empire by his mid-twenties.

If you’re 10–20: These are prime years! Collison exclaims.

Here’s lessons learned from the incredibly successful, young entrepreneur:

  • Go deep on things. Become an expert. Try to go deep on multiple things.
  • Try to achieve some sense for which kinds of things you enjoy doing by age 20. This probably won’t change a lot throughout your life and so you should try to discover the shape of that space as quickly as you can.
  • Make friends over the internet with people who are great at things you’re interested in. The internet is one of the biggest advantages you have over prior generations. Leverage it.
  • Aim to read a lot.
  • If you think something is important but people older than you don’t hold it in high regard, there’s a decent chance that you’re right and they’re wrong. Status lags by a generation or more.
  • Having good social skills confers life-long benefits. Don’t write them off. Get good at making a good first impression, being funny (if possible… Collison admits he’s still working on it…), speaking publicly.
  • Make sure that the things you’re pursuing are considered weird. Heuristic: do your friends at school think your path is a bit strange? If not, maybe it’s too normal.
  • Remember: people who did great things often did so at very surprisingly young ages. (They were grayhaired when they became famous… not when they did the work.) So, hurry up! You can do great things.

One caveat however, if you’re 20-30, Collison isn’t old enough to write this section…Yet. Pls check back in a couple of years.

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STRATEGY – Eric Dyck of iStack Training talks strategy and low hanging fruit with Ecom Empires’ Nick Peroni. Eric’s whole series with his collection of All-Star teachers is must-watch for any Ecom MRKTR. ??Watch Here

SCHEDULE –  How do you schedule your working day? Digital Nomads divulge their habits. ??‍? Check it Out

COLLAB Snapchat’s teamed up with Amazon to take the mobile shopping experience to the next level. [emoji] ?? Learn More

THE BLOCK-PHONE – HTC are expecting to release their blockchain phone by the end of the year. They claim that the phone with a cryptocurrency wallet will be “the most secure hardware wallet out there.” ?? Read More

TRAVEL TIPS – Here’s a list of 7 items every nomadic entrepreneur should travel with. ✈️? View List



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Veed, the video editing software, have created a blog that lifts the lid on how profitable startups built their MVPs (minimum viable products) & found their very first customers.

Featuring the likes of Hyperping (uptime monitoring software), Vindy (price comparison site for craftsmen), Dulo (created an creaseless shirt), Bundlebeds & Scotts Cheap Flights (both self-explanatory), the blog is an interesting resource for online entrepreneurs looking for inspiration and advice on how to bootstrap their startup.

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