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  • Who knew snowboarding in the summer was a thing? It is in Chilewatch now.
  • We’ve collated 11 flights hacks from travel experts to make flying more pleasurable (and on your wallet) – read the summary below.
  • Discover how Discovery works. Of the music persuasion – discover it here.

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MRKTRS is proud to announce we will be giving away an STM Island ticket for one lucky newsletter subscriber next week.

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A clear MRKTRS desk = a clear mind ?

Tim Denning had 4 computers, 2 laptops, 5 mobile phones, 2 iPads, oversized wardrobes of clothes, crazy amount of shoes, an overpriced BMW etc etc.

He wasn’t happy and had more money than he could spend.

He was wasting too much time worrying about maintaining the junk he owned and
it affected his mentality. So, after several failed attempts, went all in on a minimalist lifestyle and three years later has reflected on a successful transition.

Some key strategies from the article:

  • Start with the big stuff. The fancy car, the unnecessarily expensive watch. The unused jetski.
  • Not used it in 12 months? Chuck it.
  • Support charity whenever you can by gifting instead of binning.
  • Aim to throw away one piece of junk every week.
  • Check out the Becoming
    Minimalist blog
    for hacks.
  • It’s not just the physical objects, but clear digital junk too.


Despite the US passport plummet,
thankfully He-Man’s ancestry landed him a SG book. ?

Singapore has leapfrogged Germany to claim the title of the world’s most powerful passport.

With a visa-free score of 159, compared to Deutschland’s 158, it’s a huge win for Asia who have never
displaced a European country before in Passport Index’s Power Rankings. And most importantly testament to Singapore’s strong diplomatic relations.

Germany had held the title for the past two years, with the Top 10 dominated by European countries over the years.

Meanwhile, the US passport has fallen since Trump took office. I can’t imagine why…?

Passport Index ranks national passports by the cross-border access they bring, assigning a “visa-free score” according to the number of countries a passport holder can visit visa-free or with visa on arrival.


When you miss your flight to the Swiss Alps, but need that snowboarding fix…?


1. Ostrich pillow. What more could you need? ?

Air travel is part and parcel of the digital nomad lifestyle, and not everyone can leverage enough airmiles or justify spending 3-5x on first class travel.

From sourcing cheap flights to tips and tricks for
a smoother ride in economy, here’s a summary of some useful travel hacks used by many experienced travellers:

1. Search in incognito mode: Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + N. Cookies are reset and websites don’t raise prices. Repeat this for every search (close all tabs and start over).

2. Cross-reference flight search engines: Skyscanner is boss, but also check Matrix Airfare Search (now owned by Google) that looks into many flight search engines at once.

3. When to buy tickets: to save a minimum of 10%, purchase tickets:

  • Within North America: 57 days in advance
  • North America to Europe: 176 days in advance
  • North America to Asia Pacific: 160 days in advance
  • Within Europe: 140 days in advance

4. Vitamin Supplements: Take a vitamin supplement to boost your immune system to help prevent illness. Airborne and Emergen-C are two supplements with great results.

5. Register for Trusted Traveler Programs: TSA Pre✓®, Global Entry, Nexus and Sentri are programs to support expedited processing through customs. This significantly improves the overall travel experience.

6. Exercise before a long flight: Whether it’s a jog or some weight lifting, being physically tired will make it much more bearable to sit for longer periods.

7. Layer up: If traveling between climate zones, wear multiple layers to easily adjust your clothing to cope with the varying temperatures.

8. Avoid drinking alcohol and coffee: They dehydrate you. Drink water instead – as much as you can! If you need a quality caffeine fix, bring aboard an Aeropress and pre-ground coffee to make yourself a tasty brew with hot water.

9. Opt for the vegetarian meal: Less of them are made so they are typically better prepared and are a lot less greasy/soggy than regular meals. Airline meat is nastay anyway.

10. Get noise canceling headphones: these are a necessity. They may be pricey but are worth it to block out both engine and baby noise – plus makes for more pleasurable inflight entertainment experience.

11. Minimize turbulence: Prebook seats as close to the middle/wings as possible. Plus whenever the flight gets a bit rough, jiggle a little in your seat. Your movement will
counter the turbulence and you won’t feel it nearly as much.


A MRKTR works from her luxury resort in Granada. ??
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Discover Weekly will take you to your happy place. ?

Every Monday Spotify releases a personalized Discover Weekly playlist for every single user. That’s over 140 million playlists. All unique.

Software engineer Sophia Ciocca swears by it: “I’m a huge fan of Spotify, and particularly Discover Weekly. Why? It makes me feel seen. It knows my musical tastes better than any person in my life ever has”

Spotify doesn’t use just one recommendation model , rather they mix the best strategies used by other services to curate their powerful Discovery engine.

Sophie digs into the science behind the Spotify Machine. ?


? Straight from the multi-billionaire’s mouth: “You do something that you genuinely believe in, that you have conviction about, but for a long period of time well-meaning people may criticise that effort,
and when you receive criticism from well-meaning people it pays to say — first of all, search yourself — are they right? And if they are you need to adapt what you’re doing. If they’re not right, if you really have conviction that they’re not right then you need to have that long term willingness to be misunderstood.”
Jeff Bezos is one of the most prominent innovators of our time because he isn’t afraid to push the boat out and put his neck on the line. He faced heavy criticism when launching Kindle, AWS. Yet Amazon aced those innovations. He also faced immense disapproval in the early days of his rocket company Blue Origin that has now launched and landed the same rocket 4 times. ????
Jeff Bezos just does what he wants.