Straya Sues Facebook Over Cambridge Analytica – $529B


Australia’s privacy watchdog is suing Facebook over the Cambridge Analytica data breach – which in 2018 became a global scandal wiping billions off Facebook’s share price. Which, in turn, led Facebook to pay a hefty $5B FTC fine.

In a nutshell, Australia’s privacy act’s going to cost Facebook $1,7M per contravention (per screw up).

The national watchdog believes there were 311,074 local Facebook users in the cache of ~86M profiles lifted by Cambridge Analytica.

Potential fine? $529B.

The suit alleges the personal data of Aussie FB users was disclosed to “This is Your Digital Life” app for a purpose other than that for which it was collected – thereby breaching Australia’s Privacy Act 1988.

This is Your Digital Life was built by a developer called GSR, hired by Cambridge Analytica to obtain and process Facebook users’ data for political ad targeting purposes.

GSR, under contract with Cambridge Analytica worked with US political campaigns including Ted Cruz and Donald Trump’s presidential campaigns.

>> This time it may not be “just a drop in the bucket” for Facebook – read the full piece here <<

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Facebook Bans Ads for Face Masks

A temporary ban on ads and commerce listing for medical face masks imposed by Facebook to prevent coronavirus exploitation is has been set in motion.

“We’re monitoring COVID19 closely and will make necessary updates to our policies if we see people trying to exploit this public health emergency,” Facebook director of product management Rob Leathern tweeted. “We’ll start rolling out this change in the days ahead.”

The World Health Organization on Tuesday said people have been buying face masks and other equipment leading to a shortage of protective gear for health care workers putting lives at risk from the new coronavirus and other infectious diseases.

Facebook earlier announced a ban on ads for medical products falsely suggesting an item is in limited supply or any that promote fake “cures” or prevention methods for COVID-19.

Coronavirus-themed Groups and Pages will also be blocked by the algorithms.

Ebay and Amazon have also modified their rules around coronavirus-related merchandise.

>> Perhaps now may be the time to sell some masks…if you know how. Read the full piece here <<

FEATURED STM THREAD: Vortex’s Facebook Tutorial: 4th Module Posted.

I guess many of you know that already, but for those of you who don’t: Amy (vortex) started to work on a FB beginner tutorial, couple weeks ago and the first few lessons are already online on STM. This tutorial will be super detailed and contains multiple lessons, that will help you learn how to work with this traffic source.

This week, Amy posted the 4th module, which focuses on one of the most important topics: What offer types are safe to run on Facebook.

Now, we all know that FB will ban your accounts from time to time, no matter what you promote. They are getting more and more strict and quite often, even whitehat campaigns get flagged by mistake. Let’s call it collateral damage.

But we also know that there is the option to appeal and possibly get your account back. And it’s simply easier to reach a positive outcome, when promoting certain verticals.

In the 4th tutorial module, Amy goes over the offer selection and picks 6 possible candidates that you can start with. These are all considered safe for FB… or let’s say SAFER than the rest. The factor of random account ban is still gonna be there.

Wondering what other lessons are available already?

GEN1: How to Minimize FB Account Bans
GEN2: How to Appeal Banned FB Accounts
GEN3: How to Get More Accounts
GEN4: Choosing What to Promote

More will be posted as soon as Amy manages to finish them. All the modules are stored in a separate forum section, link is below 🙂

>> Preview the thread here <<

Stay tuned for the next edition of MRKTRS WKLY.

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