Passion = The Enemy of Modern Entrepreneurs?

Dave Chesson from Influencive might just be on to something here.

We think passion means doing that which we love.

But is it?

Is it wrong to be passionate?

No, but our definition of passion is.

“Passion” wasn’t originally coined towards self-interest.

It stems from the Latin word “Passio” which means “a willingness to suffer for others

Getting the point?

You have to seek a cause or a purpose.

Something that gets you out of bed every morning.

Something you’re willing to suffer for.

Top that off with a pinch of “modern passion” and you’re on the right path.

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Multitasking’s Bad For You – Here Are 4 Tips to Quit

Chances are you’re likely reading MRKTRs while doing something else.

Or two or three or more things at once.

Imagining you’re being productive, except you’re not.


“Research has shown that multitasking reduces productivity (every time you switch between tasks, it takes up to nine minutes to refocus on the original task), increases the rate of errors, and may even damage your brain. The estimated global cost of multitasking is $450 billion a year. It’s also making us sad.”

Multitasking makes you feel restless.

It makes it difficult to focus on just 1 thing at once.

You’re constantly distracted.

The list goes on and on.

This article lists 4 ways you can combat multitasking:

Pay attention – figure out your triggers. When do you multitask more?

Turn off notifications for your nonessential apps – excluding calls, messages, reminders and similar.

Check email at a few set times – self-explanatory.

Relocate if necessary – if you can’t focus where you are, find a quiet place. Steal the conference room or work from home

>>

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SHOWERTHOUGHTS Your future self is spying on you through memories” / u/cadhdhc

Source: Reddit

FEATURED STM THREAD: Newbie reaches $200k revenue in profitable follow along

This one’s a doozie.

An actual 1-year recap of a follow-along.

There was a prediction that 1 year from now this guy’s gonna laugh at his numbers.

He’s rolling on the floor laughing right now.

$50k generated just this last month.

He’s killing it on native.

“Done around $200k revenue total so far. My biggest campaign is slowing down but I’ve done $50k this month.

Only running white hat ecom offers at the moment.

Average roi is between 10% – 20%. Low but steady.

$xxxx/day profit has been hit a few times. Trying to get there consistently.

A LOT of priceless tips inside.

In a nutshell:

– Don’t ignore mobile/tablet
– Ad image > ad headline > landing page (plus one absolutely EPIC game changer)
– Manual spying
– Campaigns are going to get rejected, keep resubmitting (he says it takes him 5+ tries to get the camps going through moderation)

Plus plenty more.

>> Preview the thread here <<