Pinterest Ads Arrive in Argentina, Chile and Colombia

In the Latin American region, Pinterest ads are now available in Argentina, Chile, and Colombia, joining Brazil and Mexico.

These three nations were included after Japan was accepted in June.

The small group of partners in Argentina, Chile and Colombia that received early access included Publicis Groupe on the agency side and Tiendas Paris on the brand side.

Publicis Groupe client service director Lydie Locutura said in a Pinterest blog post, “The team at Pinterest has been extremely helpful from the start until after the campaign was done. They offered mid-campaign optimizations, which helped us overdeliver key performance indicators, leaving us and the client very pleased with our campaign results. It has been a real pleasure working with Pinterest, and we will definitely consider them for future campaigns.”


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21 Minute Habits That Can Boost Your Productivity by 100%

Micro habits, as the name implies, require little motivation and effort to implement. This small habit will eventually grow into something bigger and better for you and your goals. It’s similar to when you first start running. Only a half-mile may be within your reach. However, you will eventually be cruising through marathons.

Overall, micro habits have the power to change your entire life. And that certainly applies to your productivity. Here are 21 micro habits that can be completed in less than a minute but will increase your productivity by 100% over time.

1. Read 3-pages of a book before bed.

Going to bed when you’re unhappy is not a good idea. Or even worse, following the consumption of mindless media like reality TV. What you do before bed can affect how well you wake up and how you feel throughout the day.

The answer? Read something uplifting and inspiring. Ideally a biography from someone you would consider a hero or mentor. Or a self-help book if you prefer..

Since it takes on average 1.7 minutes to read one page, there’s no excuse not to make this nightly ritual.

2. Start each day with power and intention.

If you want to start a new healthy habit or get out of your comfort zone, you must first have a strong intention to do so. “The power of intention is the power to manifest, to create, to live a life of unlimited abundance, and to attract into your life the right people at the right moments,” wrote Wayne Dyer, author of “The Power of Intention.”

In fact, every action you take in life can be guided by an intention. For example, whenever you eat, set the intention of eating mindfully. Or, instead of fixating on the desired outcome at work, feel focused on feeling fully expressed in what you do.

To get started, simply ask yourself, “What am I aiming to achieve?”

3. Wake and meditate.

Can you really meditate in 60-seconds? Absolutely.

According to research from 2019, regular short-duration meditation can have similar health benefits to longer meditations. In short, the frequency of your daily practices appears to matter more than the length.

Starting with a minute each day, you may soon find yourself stopping several times, or even five or six times, throughout the day. Over time, mindfulness becomes a habit.

4. Whittle down your responsibilities.

After meditating, you helpfully feel calm enough to review your to-do list or calendar. But, to make sure that you don’t overextend yourself, prioritize your tasks and schedule them accordingly.
Now, some prioritization strategies will take much longer than a minute. But, each morning, you should make sure that you’re going to spend your day on your most important tasks. These are only 1-3 essential tasks. That’s it.

But, which tasks should you consider the most important?

In his book “The Personal MBA,” Josh Kauffman, a productivity expert, explains that a critical task is one that will lead to the results you are aiming for. In other words, a critical task(s) that will have the biggest impact. Of course, not every task has equal importance. To keep track of his tasks, Kauffman typically uses a 3×5 index card. But, you can use a post-it note, whiteboard, or to-do list app.

5. Don’t make your morning workout a chore.

You might scoff at this but you don’t need to do an hour long workout everyday. In fact, there’s a 1-minute workout you can do every day.

“Our One-Minute Morning Energizer routine is based on high-intensity interval training (HIIT) research done recently by exercise physiologists at McMaster University in Canada,” writes the folks over at Eat This, Not That.

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