Social Media Regulation Coming?

The US Government made a range of significant announcements last week which could end up having major impacts on how social media platforms operate, including potential limitations and restrictions on what digital platforms can do in regards to buying other platforms, operating their ad businesses, utilizing user data and more.

Four separate bills were introduced and these are the main areas they target:

  • A law against platforms giving preference to their own products on their platforms.
  • A restriction on business mergers in the tech sector unless the acquirer can demonstrate that the acquired company was not in competition with any product or service the platform already offers.
  • A ban on digital platforms owning subsidiaries that operate on their platform, if those subsidiaries compete with other businesses.
  • Improved user data portability, with platforms under legal obligation to allow users to transfer their data elsewhere if they choose, including to a competing business.

Tough times coming for the Zucks? Hard to say, but the action of buying out competition might get a bit more complicated.

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[SPONSORED] Two Crunchy Ad Formats and Top Crypto Tips from RollerAds

To approach STM-ers early this summer, only the best news shall do.

Our affiliate guild peers from RollerAds, a renowned traffic source, wanted to spread the word about their two crunchy advertising formats: In page push and Calendar notifications.

In page push is a special kind of Push notifications that appear as the user visits the webpage.

Its benefits include:

  • Increased CTR: In page push notifications appear only when the user actively interacts with the site
  • Broader targeting capabilities: In page push allow you to target iOS and MacOS users as it doesn’t have regular limitations of the Push format
  • Higher ROI as the iOS audience is traditionally more profitable to target

In RollerAds, the format works on the CPC model.

Calendar notifications are another format that is getting traction lately. These ads allow you to send push notifications to users’ calendars thus avoiding regular push filters.

The creatives for this format only require a title and a description so launching a Calendar campaign is not much of a hassle.

The format also works on CPC in RollerAds.

And what could be better than trying out these formats on a profitable offer?

Crypto is one of the most lucrative verticals in affiliate marketing. Some networks’ payouts reach $1000 and more which steadily attracts new users into the niche. The competition is inevitably high, yet the outcome is totally worth the risk of entering the new landscape.

To help you profit with such offers, RollerAds put together a list of tips on running Crypto offers. To sum it up, here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • Pay special attention to your prelanders
  • Separate desktop and mobile traffic
  • Get on good terms with your broker

To learn more, check out the guys’ blog. And if you’re ready to dive into the deep end, try launching a campaign!

New 10 TON Gorilla Enters The Ecomm Space!

Guess who is getting into ecommerce? NETFLIX! Yup, apparently the growth of new subscriptions has cooled off as the pandemic loses steam and the Netflix family is looking for new streams of income.

Netflix launched an e-commerce shop that will sell limited-edition merchandise based on its shows and brand, per a blog post on their website. is available in the U.S. and will roll out to other countries in the coming months.

Will they stick to selling their own merchandise online, or will new lines of products be introduced later on? Hard to say yet, but Netflix definitely has the financial power to make this a success.

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So Sweeps Are Dead You Say? 🙂

Sweepstakes are among the most popular verticals with newbie affiliates, but many think it’s pretty much over for this vertical. But is it really?

Apparently not… This is yet another example of the doomsday prophecies that are not based on the truth.

Amy (vortex) just posted a great interview with one of sweepstake super affiliates going by the nickname @blackemil on STM. And it’s a very interesting read! Check what Emil has to say:

People think sweepstakes are dead. But if you promote the legit way, you can still bank hard. The secret is to build custom offers. Things that people never see. Not Walmart, iPhone, and PS5. Custom offers in niches nobody else thinks of.

There are many juicy details and motivating numbers in the thread, check it out!

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