MRKTRS Stickers 101

Here we provide general guidance (even there there are no rules) for using MRKTRS brand assets and showcasing your awesomeness.

Consistent use of theses assets helps the general public/victims and elevates your MRKTRS status.

We recommend printing stickers HERE Select 4”x4” Glossy Coated Vinyl for optimum result.

Download Sticker File


Slap your stickers on landmarks, laptops, suitcases or even large humans. The world is your canvas. From Rome to the African equator, MRKTRS is everywhere. Keep spreading the love.

Get creative and ensure your photos are high quality. Optimize your shots by nailing the composition and lighting (morning/evenings are king)

Sit in natural hustle mode, avoid posing to get featured. Work with the scenery and most importantly – make it unique and interesting. Posting to our Facebook Group will get you noticed!

Don’t forget to follow @mrktrs on IG on IG and tag #mrktrs on social media.

Download Sticker File


Place on high visibility areas.

Place on popular tourist spots.

Place on hard to reach areas.

Place on work related hardware.


Don’t place on water based objects.

Don’t place on unshaven faces.

Don’t stick on passport in place of visa.

Don’t use stickers as a currency to pay hotel or travel bills.