Still not advertising on SnapChat? Maybe you should!

SnapChat is one of those sources that many marketers tend to ignore, but that’s likely a bad idea. Just this past week, Snap announced that their monthly active user base has reached 500 million.

This is a significant milestone for Snap, a company that refused multi-billion dollar acquisition offers by Facebook before it went public in 2017 and survived an ill-fated redesign in 2018 that its users hated.

The milestone was announced last Thursday at the company’s 2021 Snap Partner Summit, where it also shared a number of new augmented-reality features that could help the company monetize that 500 million monthly user base.

Are you in the ecomm business, selling fashion items? These new features might be exactly what you need to boost your sales!

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Instagram To “PAY” For Reels

Are you an active Instagramer? You might soon have access to a new source of income. In an effort to battle the constant growth of their main competitor TikTok, Instagram plans on introducing an incentive program for active Reels creators.

The program would enable users to ‘earn bonuses from Instagram’ when they share new Reels content. You would then, seemingly, need to reach certain bonus thresholds in order to claim ‘earnings’ from the program, while there would also be variable bonuses made available to creators.

The details are not clear yet, but this should be interesting.

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New To TikTok Ads? Let’s Watch This Follow Along

We have all kinds of follow alongs running on the forum. The typical one would be about POPs or PUSH traffic, but finally someone had the balls to start playing with TikTok traffic. And we are all curious about the final outcome.

One of our newest members “scottgilmour” jumped into the game and chose TikTok as his traffic source. There was some early success with a few random conversions, but that cooled off now. The good thing is, Scott is not one of those who give up easily.

Have some advice to share or would you like to learn something? Jump in take a look of Scott’s progress as he tries to tame this social media beast.

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