6 Google Ads Conversion Tracking Mistakes to Avoid (At All Costs!)

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Unfortunately, the saying “some conversion tracking is better than no conversion tracking” isn’t always true. While it’s better to have put forth some effort, there are common mistakes that can be misleading and, in some cases, more damaging, than having no tracking at all.

Hopefully, this list will help you check your conversion tracking for quality assurance to make sure you and any algorithm is optimising on clean data.

  1. No conversion tracking
  2. Not tracking all conversion actionss
  3. Tracking all conversion events equally, even if they’re not
  4. Tracking non-conversion events as conversions
  5. Tracking “every” conversion for lead generation
  6. Tracking phone calls of very short duration

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“What’s the hardest part of running ad campaigns on social/Google?”

Ask ANY experienced affiliate this and they’ll tell you:

The hardest part is getting ad accounts…AND keeping them up!

You can’t run ads and scale big – if your accounts are getting banned all the time.

Ad accounts are a basic necessity.  We get that.  And we understand your frustration when you lose account after account.

This is why we, Scalix agency, are here to help!

The old way:  Cloakers

Sorry to disappoint you, but we’ve seen most cloakers on the market – and 70% of these die in less than 48 hours.

(Same goes for chatbots, forms, etc.)

NEW Method:  Pre-landers + Agency Ad Accounts

Pre-landers are a MUST if you’re running on social or google these days.

Benefits of pre-landers compared to cloakers etc.:

  • More effective
  • Easier to implement
  • Less likely to cause ads rejection or account bans

Tip for Optimal Conversion Rate:  Do the selling in the ad, then put an attention-grabbing CTA on the pre-lander to get the conversion.

Prelanders + Agency ad accounts = the Perfect Combo to running large-scale campaigns

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