😮 Alibaba Rakes in $75 Billion for Singles Day

😮 Alibaba Rakes in $75 […]

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🤑 How Much Can 1.9 Million Followers on Instagram Make You?

What’s equally interesting on Intstagram are curation accounts (profiles built featuring other people’s work). Here are a few examples:

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🛒 Shop Directly on Facebook & Instagram…With ‘Shops’ 🎲 Launch Campaigns for Beginners with Leadbit Dating

Facebook now enables businesses to create a full-blown Facebook Shop. You’ll be able to buy (and sell) products directly from a Facebook Page or Instagram profile.

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💯 Ad Costs Slumped by 30-35% – Gaming/Ecom/Education Booming 😷How to Corona-Date by VIPOffers

The epidemic has caused travel, live entertainment and physical retail companies to freeze their marketing causing a plunge in ad prices. Meanwhile, brands like Insert Name Here is snapping up ad space at a great discount. Insert Name Here sells hair extensions and wigs – items high in demand now because women are unable to visit hairstylists.

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[Newsletter] 😈 How Big G Gently Nudges Search Results to Their Liking 🦠 Biz-Opps for the Post-Corona Era on STM

A long-time Slashdot reader, dubbed walterbyrd, shared a report on “arguably the most powerful lines of computer code in the global economy” – Google’s algorithms handle 3.8 million queries every minute.

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[Newsletter] 🙏 [HONEST] $13.2 Billion in 15 Minutes 🆕 New In-Page Push Ads Format

In extended trading at 4:16 pm Thursday in New York, Inc.’s shares surged 12% to $2,100. Bezos’ net worth is estimated around $129.5 billion according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

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