💰$10.8B in 1 Day – New Cyber Monday Record + 2021 Ecom Trends 💳 Earn 25% More Money With Your Campaigns

Online spend is higher than ever with the trend expected to grow throughout 2021.

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[AUDIO] Scaling to $100 Million in 2 Years – Native Deodorant 🎧

Learn how Moiz Ali scaled Native Deodorant to $100 million in 2 years!

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💔 Apple Cripples 80 Billion Dollar Ad Industry 🤑One Trick to Finding Profitable Campaigns

As shocking as Apple’s WWDC news were – from being able to text your car keys to somebody else to real-time offline translations with Siri – all pale in comparison with this. After announcing iOS14, the new mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads, Apple forgot to announce the death of the IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers).

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[Newsletter] 🤬 Advertising Makes Us Unhappy? ⚠️ Beware! Some New TLDs Can Be Slow (and lose you money)!

The higher the advertising spend in a country over the span of one year, the less satisfied its citizens a year or two later. If you hold factors like GDP and unemployment constant, there is a correlation between unhappiness and increases in ad spend.

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