[Newsletter] 😈 How Big G Gently Nudges Search Results to Their Liking 🦠 Biz-Opps for the Post-Corona Era on STM

A long-time Slashdot reader, dubbed walterbyrd, shared a report on “arguably the most powerful lines of computer code in the global economy” – Google’s algorithms handle 3.8 million queries every minute.

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[Newsletter] 🔨 HTTPS Certs Older Than 13 Months? Safari No Likey 🤑 $100k Contest On STM

Later this year, Safari will no longer accept HTTPS certificates that expire more than 13 months from their creation date. In other words, if your certificate has been issued on or after that date with the term over 398 days will be distrusted in Apple products.

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[Blueprint] Scaling to $748,000 in 30 Days

Josh Graham’s take on how to scale to $748,000 in 30 days surfaced in Facebook Ad Buyers just the other day.

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