[INFOGRAPHIC] TikTok Creative Insights

Two companies, AdQuantum, a mobile performance marketing agency and AdQuantum, a mobile ad tool, researched TikTok advertising trends over the past year and came up with the main points of high performance for mobile marketers in 2022…

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[Newsletter] 📈Key COVID-19 Traffic Surges + 5 Quick PPC Schemes 🎲Profit from Online Gaming During the Lockdown

The Microsoft Advertising Analytics and Insights team have pivoted to providing industry level updates and insights. While some industries have never taken such massive hits (-90% reduction in traffic in travel, for example), others are experiencing massive surges in searches and traffic due to closed retail stores.

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💯 Ad Costs Slumped by 30-35% – Gaming/Ecom/Education Booming 😷How to Corona-Date by VIPOffers

The epidemic has caused travel, live entertainment and physical retail companies to freeze their marketing causing a plunge in ad prices. Meanwhile, brands like Insert Name Here is snapping up ad space at a great discount. Insert Name Here sells hair extensions and wigs – items high in demand now because women are unable to visit hairstylists.

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