🚨[CRAAZYY] You Ready For Ad World 2020? 💰 Turn Your Landers into Cash Cows

15,000+ of the world’s most powerful marketers, advertisers, brands, entrepreneurs and founders are gathering for THREE action-packed days of networking and masterclasses at Ad World Conference.

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⚡ 26 Chrome Extensions for Productivity 💰 Grab Bags of Cash With Media500

26 Chrome Extensions for Productivity

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💔 Apple Cripples 80 Billion Dollar Ad Industry 🤑One Trick to Finding Profitable Campaigns

As shocking as Apple’s WWDC news were – from being able to text your car keys to somebody else to real-time offline translations with Siri – all pale in comparison with this. After announcing iOS14, the new mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads, Apple forgot to announce the death of the IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers).

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[Newsletter] 💪 Shopify’s Coming For You Bezos 😱 [Leaked] Avast Subsidiary Sells “Every Click. Every Buy.”

Shopify, the company behind Kylie Jenner, Allbirds and countless Youtube dropshipping gurus now has its sights set on Amazon.

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[Newsletter] Google Chrome’s Badge of Shame ? “The Scaleship” comes to an end (142,730.96€ Revenue) ?

That’s what Chrome’s gonna show if your site or lander is slow. A badge of shame, if you may.

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[Newsletter] ? The “MAMA” Service Recovery Framework ⚡ Obsessed With Page Loading Speeds? You Must Read This

Do you have a service recovery system in place (i.e. a method for dealing with grumpy customers)? You absolutely should. Big companies use LATTE: “Listen to the customer, Acknowledge them, Thank them for the feedback, Take Action, and Explain what you’ve done to handle the issue and improve.”

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