Social Media Regulation Coming? 👩‍⚖️ Two Crunchy Ad Formats and Top Crypto Tips from RollerAds 🤑

The US Government made a range of significant announcements last week which could end up having major impacts on how social media platforms operate, including potential limitations and restrictions on what digital platforms can do in regards to buying other platforms, operating their ad businesse

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🛍️ Buy Products Right On Youtube 📱 RollerAds Exclusive Offers for STM Forum Members

This new Youtube feature lets users buy products right on the platform.

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🤑 How Much Can 1.9 Million Followers on Instagram Make You?

What’s equally interesting on Intstagram are curation accounts (profiles built featuring other people’s work). Here are a few examples:

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[Newsletter] Revealed: how to land your dream job the MRKTRS way.

How Chris Seline landed a position on Reddit by using Facebook Ad to target the company’s CEO. Brian Chesky, co-founder of Airbnb, shared 4 key lessons on how he reached $31 billion global company…

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