👉 Facebook Adds New ‘Optimize Text Per Person’ Option

Facebook’s releasing a new ad setup option (toggle) called Optimize Text Per Person’ to help improve ad performance.

This option will allow text to swap between fields – the headline, description or primary text – to best match what each person wants to see. All done completely automatically.

Here’s the new feature’s description: “When it is likely to improve performance, allow text to swap between fields, such as showing your headline as primary text”.

For example, if your ad headline is “Winter Sale” and your description “Get discounts on all outdoor gear” Facebook’s system may choose to swap them around, making “Get discount…” the headline, and “Winter Sale” your description.

This is similar to Facebook’s multiple ad copy variations feature it added back in 2019. It’s worth a shot and may improve ad performance, so be sure to turn on that toggle when you see it because there’s nothing to lose.

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⚡ “Don’t make ads, make TikToks”

Want to get your TikTok ads profitable? Don’t make ads…make TikToks, mkay?

Let us explain.

This was TikTok’s original statement (“Don’t Make Ads, Make TikToks”) when they opened TikTok for Business and advertisers jumped in. They recently reiterated their statement in a new post shedding more light on what this really means.

Here’s what TikTok’s Global Marketing Head, Katie Puris, says:

“…what happens on TikTok is completely unique. Every day, people participate in campaigns, build alongside them, and even create their own TikToks for brands and products they love. We frequently hear people say, ‘I didn’t even realize that was an ad!’ and that’s the goal on TikTok. The work is so good, it fits right in and it’s celebrated… just like a TikTok.”

“The TikTok format”, as it’s called, has evolved alongside social media. These ads blend in with the content (kinda like native ads do), and they’re a lot more engaging. Cheaper and easier to make too – you don’t need a high budget.

Marianna Hewitt, co-founder of best-selling skincare brand Summer Fridays told TikTok:

“It’s almost like the more unfiltered, and the more real it is, the better it performs. On other platforms you have to really invest in your content and have videographers, photographers, and models; on TikTok, you don’t, and I love that about the platform.”

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Most Viewed Thread On STM This Week? TikTok Takes The Win! 🙂

STM has been changing slowly, for the past few months already! We’re no longer “just” a place for the “standard” affiliate marketers and we believe that’s a good thing. There are now more threads about ecommerce, native, arbitrage, SEO and of course… social media!

We all know TikTok is becoming huge, but affiliates still tend to ignore this traffic source, which is a shame actually. But we’re pretty sure that’s gonna change soon.

A month or so ago, one of our members “scottgilmour” started a follow along, to document his journey with TikTok advertising and guess what… he’s already profitable. No big numbers just yet, but profit is profit, right?

From nothing to profit, with no previous knowledge… that is an achievement, no matter what way you look at it. Want to know what he did and how? Tune in and check the thread linked below 🙂

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