How ChatGPT Complements Google Ads

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The images and visions shown in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey stunned viewers worldwide in the summer of 1968.

a person employing artificial intelligence marketing tools on a laptop

Kubrick’s film utilized technologies that were, well, pretty futuristic at the time. HAL 9000, an artificial intelligence, took center stage.

While we’re still a long way from AI singing Daisy, advances in AI have begun to effect work in all areas, including marketing. These tools are valuable assets to any marketing team. We’ll go over the advantages and explore 15 tools you can use right away.

The Benefits of Using AI in Marketing 

Whenever AI or automation comes up, many fear AI causing mass unemployment.

People had the same fear back in the 1800s during the industrial revolution, and the Luddites were literally going around with sledgehammers breaking machines.

After the huge splash from the release of ChatGPT, there is little doubt that AI is impacting marketing jobs already.

Research from the University of Pennsylvania estimates that “19% of workers may see at least 50% of their tasks impacted.” The key word in that statement is impacted.

Marketers who learn to leverage AI-powered tools will see better results from their campaigns and diversify their skillset.

Today’s AI tools still have a huge amount of growth potential.

Still, those already available can significantly reduce the time it takes to complete tasks and reduce the lift for completing complex tasks, all while running 24/7 with no downtime.

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