TikTok #1 Most Downloaded App in June

TikTok stands yet again as the most downloaded app in June, despite content concernsdata safety issues, and other controversies – according to data from SensorTower

TikTok held the stop spot for the entire past 18 months, minus November last year when WhatsApp briefly stole the first spot and  when Telegram saw a sudden download surge due to WhatsApp’s controversial data privacy update.

“TikTok was the most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide for June 2021 with more than 65 million installs. The countries with the largest number of installs were from Douyin in China at 13%, followed by Indonesia at 12%.” – SensorTower

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Instagram Stories Drafts Now Live

Straight from the photo-sharing horse’s mouth:

Instagram Stories drafts are now available for everyone, globally. Story drafts will save for seven days before disappearing.”

Posted by user @WFBrother on Twitter (and shared by Matt Navarra), the drafts option is activated when you go to exit out of the Stories composer mid-process.

When you choose to save a Story draft an alert will notify you that drafts are deleted a week after you save them.

Why is this useful?

Social media managers can, for example, post at optimal times to maximize engagement, plus, you know, you don’t get to lose your stories. Previously you had to rely on third-party apps or downloading to your device.

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FEATURED STM THREAD: STM’s TikTok Newbie Starts To See Profits!

If you have been following this newsletter for the past few weeks, you should remember the case of a forum newbie trying his luck with TikTok ads. We mentioned the thread here, just a few weeks ago.

And guess what? Scott (the OP) is already seeing some nice profits. And it’s not some pennies either. Scott had his first $XXXX campaign already and looks like there is nothing stopping him from reaching even higher goals.

What does this tell us? Even if you know nothing about a traffic source, you can still make it big! It’s not easy for sure. Plenty of testing is required, there are obstacles to overcome, you might face account issues… but it’s doable. Just don’t give up and give it what it takes.

Wondering what the game changing moment was for Scott? Nothing out of the ordinary to be honest. He just found the right offer. And that’s something we’ve been trying to emphasize for years now! Offer is the king! And the queen and the… do not underestimate the importance of testing offers on scale, that’s what can set you apart from the competition.

Check the thread below:

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