How to Write a Call-to-Action That Gets Visitors Clicking

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As much as I enjoy TikTok, creating content consistently for the platform can feel overwhelming.

TikTok suggests posting content at least 1-4 times per day to boost views and followers. When you’re a marketer creating content for several other social media platforms and planning campaigns — posting 1-4 TikToks a day is a huge ask.

So, how can marketers and creators like myself streamline the process and create more videos? One answer is to use AI. In the past, I’ve interviewed several content creators who say using AI cuts their workload down significantly and completes hours of tasks in just minutes. With that in mind, I will create a TikTok video using AI and take you along for the journey. Let’s get started.

How I Made a TikTok Using Only AI

Let’s make a short TikTok video about healthy food facts.

It‘s possible to use AI tools such as ChatGPT or HubSpot’s Content Assistant to generate ideas for you, but sometimes inspiration strikes (or I‘m hungry) — so we’ll roll with it and make a TikTok about healthy food facts.

Using AI to Find Keywords

First, I want to know what trending keywords are associated with healthy food facts, so I’ll go to VidIQ and use its AI keyword generator to see what it comes up with.

VidIQ is an AI platform specifically designed to create YouTube videos and scripts.

Still, it has a free AI keyword generator that helps find keywords to optimize your videos and attract viewers regardless if you’re creating videos for YouTube or another platform like TikTok.

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