Advertising and Branded Content Updates from TikTok World


So, TikTok World happened (Ad World sounding?? 🤔 Anywhom…).

This is its first-ever business showcase event. There was shown a range of new tools and earning options designed to help brands and creators plus a broader view of what TikTok plans to do with its billion-plus audience.

Here’s a MRKTRs quick recap:

Updated TikTok Creator Marketplace
Its brand and creator connection platform includes more performance insight and better sorting tools to help brands find the right influencer.

‘Open Application Campaigns’
These will enable brands to list their campaigns for interested creators to self-apply. When you run a campaign creators will be able to apply to your pitch with a shortlist then presented in-stream, displaying audience reach metrics along with sample clips.

TikTok’s New Creative Center
Opposite of Open Application Campaigns is the Creative Center. Designed to help advertisers understand what’s working on the platform in real-time.

New Dedicated Video Editor + Dynamic Scene
The dedicated video editor will help guide brands through the creation process while also partnering with Vimeo Create to provide new video templates and tools to streamline content creation. Plus ‘Dynamic Scene’ – which will use machine learning to break your videos into multiple scenes.

Ecommerce Tools Evolved
In-stream shopping tools are being expanded through new partnerships with Shopify, Square, Ecwid and PrestaShop. New product links in video clips. Collection ads where brands will include product cards in the in-feed promotions. Dynamic Showcase ads letting brands automatically promote their products.

Plus more.

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