Facebook Ad Costs in 2021

Facebook reigns supreme yet still with 2.8 billion users. Shortly followed by YouTube (2.3 billion), Instagram (1.3 billion), and TikTok (7.3 million).

Its got the most even distribution of users compared to other platforms – meaning larger age groups for your ads, plus precise targeting which makes it one of the most lucrative platforms to advertise on.

Plus, Facebook’s ads are among the most cost-effective ad types for any business. Here are the average CPCs of the four major social media platforms in 2021:

  • Twitter:  $0.38
  • Facebook: $0.97
  • Instagram: $3.56
  • LinkedIn: $5.26

The average Facebook CPC for 2021 is $0.97. Click the image below to see a breakdown of CPC by campaign objectives (Conversions, Lead Generation, Video Views, etc.), plus more stats in the main piece:

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Dynamic Search Ads – “What Did You Just Call Me!?”

In case Dynamic Search Ads flew under your radar, now’s the perfect time to familiarize yourself. Imagine an ecommerce site with hundreds or thousands of product pages – no one’s going to sit and create ads for each and every one by hand.

What are dynamic search ads?

They’re like Google Shopping campaigns, except they don’t use keywords. Shopping campaigns target product groups and DSAs target web pages. Google matches the search queries to the dynamic target. In other words, Google discovers these pages by its search and ad crawler tech. Advertisers can select from their sites a variety of dynamic ad targets, like these:

  • Google defined categories,
  • Web pages by content,
  • Web pages by title,
  • Web pages by URL,
  • All web pages.

For example, if you want to create a campaign for “oval coffee tables”, you can set up dynamic targets on your sites as such:

  • The Google-defined category that best represents “oval coffee tables.”
  • Any page that contains the word “oval.”
  • Any page that contains “oval” in the page title.
  • Any page that contains “oval” in the URL.
  • All pages on my site, although I wouldn’t use this option since my oval coffee tables appear on limited URLs.

Each target unique to an ad group. Each target should be unique to an ad group, e.g. if a page contains “oval” in the URL, place it in an “oval coffee tables” ad group.

Why DSAs?

Because they’re an effective keyword research tool. You can assign high-converting themes into separate ad groups and campaigns with specific ad copy and extensions, to boost ROAS.

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WANTED: Email & Marketing Managers @ Affiliate World Conferences

Imagine opening your laptop on a beach in Bali while sipping a cocktail and getting some work done? Or Bora Bora. Or the Maldives. Or on a cold mountain top, if that’s your poison.

Our friends at Affiliate World Conferences are in dire need of talented, hard-working people. The conferences are growing rapidly, and so is the team.

Wanted are people for the 2 following roles:

A Marketing Manager (remote, full-time)

An Email Marketing Manager (remote, full-time)

If you are one of either or if you know someone, direct them to the links above. Thanks in advance!

Stay tuned for the next edition of MRKTRS WKLY.

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